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31 March, 2023

Kenyan bottled water manufacturer modernizes operations with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Power BI integration

Client is one of the first bottled water manufacturer from Kenya. They distribute its product to all 10 provinces in Kenya and has market presence in various neighbouring countries due to cross boarder trading and exporting.

Legacy Solution

•Before implementing Microsoft Dynamic NAV, they were not using any ERP system, everything was managed with spreadsheet and other offline means.

•They implemented Microsoft Dynamic NAV with an African partner didn’t went well

Implemented Technological Advancements

Currently they are running on Microsoft Dynamic Nav 2013 R2 with MS SQL server. We have also implemented Power BI as analytical tool. Also, a mobile app for distribution management.

Challenges Encountered

•The most visible issue was sales & delivery network. They were managing huge sales force & delivery network with no system. Which resulted into over transportation cost, loss of new opportunities & poor delivery efficiency.

•First implementation was done by south African partner, which was failure with huge implementation expense. Due to this business owner & their users have very low confidence in system.

•They also required strong control over working capital as they are facing loss of work capital costs because of pilling up of inventory.

•They are not able to do their production forecast & eventually material requirement planning.

•They need control on fuel expense as fuel expense is major part of their delivery & overhead product cost.

•Financial MIS & statutory reporting was manual, due to which financial auditing taking too much time. Fixed Asset depreciation was calculated manually, which was time consuming & tedious process.

Project Highlights

•Synobiz Implemented Purchase to pay, Sales to receivable, Inventory & production management modules in 4 months of time-frame & half of the cost which they already spent with pervious partner.

•Product availability planning with real time updates provide customer satisfaction higher than ever.

•Successfully Integrated Salesforce Route Management application with Microsoft Navision for managing dealer network and sales force. App is also connected with portable printer; it enables sales executive to give invoice on the go.

•Production scheduled with Production forecast and production planning enabled.

•Fuel requisition module implemented to control fuel expense and maintenance schedule.

•Sales increased with the use of Proper production planning with current and projected demand.

Resolved Challenges

•After implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV along with integration of Handheld Printer and Android application they were easily managed dealer network and sales force. Live Status of Delivery fleets can be tracked from Dynamics NAV.

•After Implementing Production module with production forecast and material requirement planning, they are now able to control their stock level with Inventory ABC classification.

•With the help of Fuel requisition module, they can control their fuel expense & they can get Fleet mileage, performance & maintenance schedules from system only.

•Automated workflows help them to get Financial MIS reports, trail balances from system directly. Now they can calculate depreciation, bank reconciliation and year closing in single click, which was taking days.

•Synobiz developed & implemented fleet & plant maintenance module to automate their preventive e, recurring maintenance & accelerate breakdown process.

•With the help of Handheld devices, they can now get accurate Sales, inventory status and payments information efficiently along with Truck load management and Route management. 

•They are now able to forecast their seasonal products sales & production from historical data in single click.

•With Seamless execution of production & Inventory management they are able achieve 25% more production with same production & manpower resources.

•PMS (Synobiz plant and maintenance module implemented).

Data Visualization Tool

•Load Balancing Report for Inventory loading on Vehicle

•Sales Analysis based on Route

•Customized Stock Report based on Dealer Stock

•Order analysis Report / Delivery analysis Report

•Vehicle maintenance / Performance Report

•Financial Reports based on Zambian Localization

•Customized customer outstanding Report

We have got satisfactory results while working with Synobiz in the Re-Implementation of Dynamics NAV because of their dedication and implementation approach that they had followed.
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