ERP Solution dosage for the Pharmaceutical Industry

33 billion US dollars – The value of pharmaceutical industry in India in the year 2018. India is also the largest generic medicine provider in the world. This gives rise to a heated competition among the businesses operating in this industry, which later arises the need for enterprise software.

Indian pharma industry is observed to be growing around 9 percent each year. A good way to survive in such a volatile market is being agile in manufacturing and delivery. This is where ERP for pharmaceutical industry comes into picture.

Pharmaceutical Solution Functional Coverage

  • Complex & Multi Level Formula & Recipe Tracking
  • Equipment and Laboratory Management
  • BMR Creation and cGMP Compliances
  • Comprehensive Quality Parameters Management
  • Inventory Management with Make to Order \Stock Scenario
  • Yield and Waste Management
  • Batch Scheduling and Planning as per Packing Sizes
  • Accurate Product Costing
  • Financial Management with Costing and Budgeting

ERP Features for Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Integration with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Advanced Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA)
  • Pre-production analysis using MRP Leading to better delivery schedulers
  • Shift-level MRP & Re-ordering
  • Shelf Life Expiry Management
  • Batch wise Product costing & Profitability
  • Vendor Sampling Order
  • Customer Order Booking Process with Material specification
  • Customer Order authorized by R&D and Lab team
  • LAB design the BPCR (Batch Processing Control Record)
  • Creation of BPCR defining standard size of Input and Output and Process Masters.
  • BPCR releasing to production team for execution
  • Capturing the deviation during the production
  • QC order generation for Output recorded by Production team
  • Material Picking from Shop floor
  • Material Return Management
  • Export Import Management System (EXIM)
  • Capable to addressing various Regulatory Compliances like cGMP, cGLP, Q7A, FDA
  • Multi-Level BOM & Yield Management
  • MRP/MPS Planning
  • R&D Items and Production Linking with Regular Production
  • QC Items Specification & Inspection Data Sheet
  • Sampling Plan & Calibration Plan
  • QC Label Printing for Accepted, Rejected, Hold Material
  • LOT/Batch Number Generation
  • Production Rejection, Scrap and Costing Analysis
  • Export & Import Order Management
  • Advance License Tracking and Management
  • Export Documentation
  • Material Potency management
  • BPCS as per Material Potency
  • Packing Orders for Tablets and Capsules
  • Stability QC Module
  • Document Change Management

ERP Solution Reports

  • Procurement Management
    • Indent Reports
    • PR Reports / Summary
    • Enquiry Reports
    • Quotation Comparison
    • Vendor Evaluation Reports
  • Sales & Distribution
    • Sales Summary Reports
    • Sales Order Reports
    • Delivery Reports
    • Sales Invoice Register
    • Sales Analysis Reports
  • Finance & Accounting
    • Overdue Reports & Ageing Analysis
    • Cash Flow Statements
    • Sales / Purchase Registers
    • Voucher Extracts / Summary
    • Cost Center Reports
    • Consolidated Report
    • Reconciliation Reports
    • Interest Calculation Reports
    • GSTR1\2\3\7 Reports
  • Production Planning & Control
    • Production Order Summary
    • Production Order Tracking
    • Milestone Reporting for each Production Order
  • Inventory Management
    • Opening Stock Reports
    • Stock Ledger
    • Stock Summary
    • Goods Receipt Reports
    • Goods Issue Reports
    • Goods Transfer Reports

Pharmaceutical Industry Specific Reports

  • Yield Analysis Reports
  • Laboratory Equipment Maintenance Reports
  • Product wise Ageing and Expiry Tracking
  • Traceability Reports from RM receipt to Dispatch
  • Pre-Process, In-Process, Post Process and Inventory QC Reports as per cGMP
  • Customer and Vendor Ageing Reports

ERP Benefits for Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Quality Tracking and Management
  • Compliances
  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution and Supply Chain
  • Real – Time Access to Key Data
  • Finance & Accounting

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