ERP Solution Engineered for the Engineering Industry

Engineering-based companies face many challenges in daily operations like managing the complexity of client-based projects, handling unexpected expenses, billing, and reporting. Our ERP software for engineering industry is designed to address these pain-points.

ERP software for engineering companies can be useful in the sense of improving efficiency, delivering quality products/services and meet customers’ expectations. Our intuitive enterprise solution has some serious benefits for engineering businesses where retaining clients and business is the biggest concern.

Engineering Solution Functional Coverage

  • Complex & Multi Level Formula & Recipe Tracking
  • Data and Business Intelligence Sharing
  • Post Sales Services Contracts and Warranty Tracking
  • Job-work and Subcontracting Management
  • Inventory Management with Make to Order \Stock Scenario
  • Advanced Requisition Management
  • Resources Management as per Engineering Projects
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Financial Management with Costing and Budgeting

ERP Features for Engineering Industry

  • Customers, Salespeople, Customer Pricing, Customer Discounts, Sales Prices & Discounts
  • Sales Quote, Sales Orders, Sales Shipments, Sales Invoices, Sales Return Orders, Sales Credit Memo, Workflows
  • Item Masters, Vendors, Requisition Worksheet, Planning worksheet, Order Planning Worksheet, Purchase prices
  • Purchase Quotation, Blanket Purchase Orders, Purchase Orders, Purchase Receipts, Purchase Invoices, Purchase Return Orders, Purchase Credit Memo, Workflows
  • Production BOM, Routing, Work Centres, Machine Centres, Calendars, Shifts • Item Make to Stock, Make to Order manufacturing policy, Planned Production Order, Firm Planned Production Order, Release Production Order, Finished Production Order Statistics
  • Subcontracting Order, Delivery challan, Subcontracting order receipt, Rejection at Vendor side, Customer side
  • MPS and MRP planning, Reordering policies, Fixed Reorder point, Maximum inventory, Lot-for-Lot, Order.
  • Items, Variants, Multiple Unit of measures, Item Substitutions, Stock keeping units, Bin Management.
  • Purchase Receipt, Warehouse receipt, Sales Shipment, Warehouse shipment, Transfer order, Physical inventory Journal for stock taking
  • Inward QC (Before GRN, After GRN) in both LOT and Serialized tracking, In process QC at different level of production order, rework and rejection management, Before Dispatch QC for sales, Internal QC for non-moving items • Purchase Requisitions, Request For Quote, Quote Comparison, Item Transfer Requisition, Item Requisition, item Returnable Requisition, Advance Expense Requisition, Expense Reimbursement requisition
  • Purchase Force Closure, Purchase Tolerance
  • Sales Force Closure, Sales Tolerance
  • Manufacturing and Planning enhancement, Item tracing with Cost & prices, bulk consumption console
  • Enhanced Approval workflow with Dimensions, Approve Documents from e-mail
  • Document attachment Module, Master Mandatory fields configuration, Auto Update Batch to Allow posting to & From in User Setup

ERP Solution Reports

  • Procurement Management
    • Indent Reports
    • PR Reports / Summary
    • Enquiry Reports
    • Quotation Comparison
    • Vendor Evaluation Reports
  • Finance & Accounting
    • Overdue Reports & Ageing Analysis
    • Cash Flow Statements
    • Sales / Purchase Registers
    • Voucher Extracts / Summary
    • Cost Center Reports
    • Consolidated Report
    • Reconciliation Reports
    • Interest Calculation Reports
    • GSTR1\2\3\7 Reports
  • Sales & Distribution
    • Sales Summary Reports
    • Sales Order Reports
    • Delivery Reports
    • Sales Invoice Register
    • Sales Analysis Reports
  • Inventory Management
    • Opening Stock Reports
    • Stock Ledger
    • Stock Summary
    • Goods Receipt Reports
    • Goods Issue Reports
    • Goods Transfer Reports
  • Production Planning & Control
    • Production Order Summary
    • Production Order Tracking
    • Milestone Reporting for each Production Order

Engineering Industry Specific Reports

  • Converted & Regret Order Summary of Marketing Department
  • Separate Sample & Bulk Production Tracking
  • Stage Wise Production Planning
  • Department Inventory Status in Production
  • Department wise Rejection Analysis with reasons
  • Scrap Procurement based on Confirm Orders.

ERP Benefits for Engineering Industry

  • Work Segregation
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Job Work
  • Management
  • Quality Control
  • Error Free Reporting
  • Compliance
  • Production Management
  • Purchase Management

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