Top 5 reasons for Technology Consultants to be hired

In this Digital era, there are organizations who view Technology consultants as a nice to have, whereas others don’t even know they exist, while others don’t understand the role these experts play to get the maximum ROI of the investment.

Digital Transformation is a carefully charted out journey which brings the best of 4 M’s that are required for business.

When beginning this journey, most project teams think that they simply choose their solution and their technology, hire the implementation partner, and head off to win the race. This approach is a fundamental reason why so many digital transformations fail to get the maximum leverage. Normally software vendors, systems integrators, technical implementers, and resellers are not focused on the adaptability for the organization but these consultants are experts in designing, building, and deploying the technology. The adaptability for solution is the most important to any transformation, but it is just one of many pieces that need to be included in the quest for digital transformation success.

Here are some of the primary reasons why these consultants should be hired:

  • How would you identify what is best for you?
    1. There is a plethora of options available for implementing systems considering everyone has its pros and cons
    2. Many vendors are nowadays biased towards a certain technology and don’t pay heed towards the client’s requirements.
    3. The right independent consultants can provide real value by mitigating the risks of vendor biases and help you see through the sources of misinformation.
  • Digital Transformation Strategy and Roadmap
    1. Often organizations make a mistake of considering Technology as Software, rather a true consultant can define a clear strategy of selecting the software with a right mix of resources and automation required and that too in a phased manner
    2. These relates not only to selecting a software but also in implementing planning, how systems will tie together and even non-technology solutions that will enable the transformation
  • Negotiating in a right way
    1. The financial stakes are pretty high for this journey, hence it is important to negotiate a fair deal that minimized your costs and protects you from future problems
    2. Recurring costs escalators and other hidden contract costs are more significant in the long run, this is one of the prime area where good consultant can save you both time and money
  • Implementation
    1. Normally vendors tend to rush through the implementation process because the sooner they deploy the solution the sooner they get out of the project
    2. Some aspects of implementation like Data Migration, User Acceptance Testing and Change Management are often ignored as this doesn’t fall under their scope
    3. A true consultant shall first target these areas where we can leverage the system in an effective manner and get the desired output and behave as an insurance policy for an organization
  • Bottom line- ROI
    1. Below are certain areas where the tangible benefits of a consultant can be measured:
      1. Choosing best technology fit for their organization
      2. Better vendor negotiation results
  • Efficient use of resources throughout the transformation
  1. Reduce operational impacts
  2. Better optimization
  3. Less turmoil and employee attrition

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