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SAP Business One 10.0


31 March, 2023

Streamlining Operations and Enhancing Analytics with SAP Business One for Leading Engineering Products Manufacturer

A leading manufacturer of fabrication and engineering products. They have multiple divisions with sales offices in multiple locations and deal in government sector projects that can continue for more than a year.

Legacy Solution

-Previously, they were running on separate solutions for Purchase, Sales & Inventory along with Tally software for Accounting Operations

Challenges Encountered

• The previous software was lacking few features and was not optimised to handle bulk transactions and busy server traffic.

• Hence, to get the missing points customisations were done by the local partner which in turn led to more scope of errors. This paralysed the system on go live due to multiple live issues.

• Also, due to large quantum of transactional input per day the legacy system performance degraded leading to lag in the transactional speed.

• Due to these challenges, management was not able to get the analytical reports required for making Macro & Micro level decisions for the organisation. Aside from all due to rapid growth in business old systems were unable to handle the volumes and the growing complexities.

Project Highlights

• The customer is having multiple divisions with Sales Offices in multiple locations.

• Dealing in government sector projects too which can continue for more than a year. The capability of turn-key projects handling, and billing also got covered.

• The functionality of Milestone Billing was also developed in SAP Business One. Hence, adding up the optimisations of the latest version into their older custom functionalities.

• Their existing Bank Guarantee Module was customised further to handle the Job-Wise management and application of Bank BG Limit to Bank Guarantee. This also optimised the BG Module by the fixation of multiple issues.

• Simultaneously transactions from 33 Locations across Gujarat which generated Transactions more than 5 Cr.

• User can access the system remotely by Laptop, Desktop, Mobile and Tablet for their regular transactions.

• SAP Business One system is swiftly able to manage the large quantum of transactions.

Resolved Challenges

• We implemented SAP Business One 10.0 which is the latest version of SAP Business One currently with many added functionalities, optimised SQL operations, enhanced speed, and capability to handle larger volume of data without compromising speed.

• Also, easy to use and manage through Enhanced Permission Management capabilities. This stopped the generation of incorrect and junk data from end users. Hence, generating correct and quality data.

• It is also connected with Mobile Application as well as Web browser to address On-the-Go and remote access requirements.

• In-Built GST Suite as per the latest GST Amendments having GSTR 1, GSTR 2, 3B etc reduced manual drudgery of Finance/Accounts department.

Data Visualization Tool

• Vendor Wise Quote Comparison.

• Job Wise Aged Accounts Receivable.

• Vendor Rating.

• WIP Stock Statement.

• Returnable/Non-Returnable Delivery Challan.

• Evaluation of Vendors-Products Summary Form.

-Document Control Index/Design Register.


• It is recommended to use General Ledger Entry, Customer Ledger Entry, Item Ledger Entry, Vendor Ledger Entry to export data in excel and get the desired set of data through excel filtration as far as reports are concerned.

• More the customisation, more the scope of errors. Hence, one should opt for customisation only when it’s inevitable for the expected result.

We were able to streamline our Inventory procurements, Customer’s order delivery commitments and got detailed insights on our cashflows through SAP Business One Solution which again with the combination of Synobiz’s expertise has helped us reap more benefits resulting in business growth.
- Purchase Manager

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