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31 March, 2023

Boosting Business Agility through ICT: Spain-based Consulting and Technology Service Company

A Spain based company in consulting and technology service area helps to boost business agility through the best use of ICT. Provides services to different university entities and institutions. Technological expertise is equally comprehensive and includes the areas of Analytics & Big Data, knowledge management and talent, corporate applications, Cloud Computing and managed services.

Implemented Technological Advancements

•We worked on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Business Central (SaaS) and Dot Net technology.

•Also used different tools such as Visual Studio Code, Postman and SDK to fulfil the demands of the client.

•Used MS SQL Server in the back end, Beyond Compare and Kdiff3 for the merging objects.

Challenges Encountered

• The major challenge was to upgrade the version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 to Business Central within a limited time. Also, they are using their local language Catalan along with the Spanish.
• Need to convert whole customization from C/AL code to AL Extension in Business Central.
• Direct access of the database in the Business Central SaaS model was also not available. So, the challenge is to migrate data from the on-premises SQL server to Business Central.
• They need to send the invoices in a specific XML format from the business central to the third-party solution as well as need to get an acknowledgment of it. Apart from this an automatic test app without user interaction that can do a full auto-testing of the main customized business transactions.

Project Highlights

•Development of event-based AL Extension to convert the customization from the NAV2015 to Business Central.

•Data upgrade from NAV 2015 to Business Central.

•Business Central integration with the third-party solution to send an Invoice.

•Regional language support in the Business Central.

Resolved Challenges

•By upgrading to Business Central advantage of improved functionality was taken, new features, and enhanced capabilities that can boost productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer service. When we upgrade to the Business Central, it’s an exceptional opportunity to add value to our solution and help our business grow. Powerful functionality and breakthrough user experience and technology innovations simplify access to information, improve organisational agility. We have managed the source code using GitHub.

•On top of that we created Catalan Language module using Microsoft Life Cycle services.

•For the optimum performance, we converted and developed customization in event-based AL Extension.

•By using intelligent cloud services, we migrated data from the on-prem SQL server to Business Central with the help of Microsoft Integration Runtime.

•To send the invoices in the third-party solution, we generated runtime xml file in the specific format in AL and send it to the third-party solution using API with the help of Dot Net.

•We developed auto-test app to test the customization in the single click without user interaction using the various libraries provided by Microsoft.

We were able to address the post sales services in a better manner with the inbuilt capabilities of Business Central and exploring analytical capabilities of the new solution.

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