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Aluminium Foils


SAP Business One

A Leading Aluminium Foils Manufacturer brought order to chaos with integrated platform of SAP Business One

Challenges Encountered Prior ERP Implementation

 • Siloed data created confusion. Too many different systems were running parallel to achieve business objectives.
• Multibranch financial reporting was done manually.
• Complex Manufacturing Processes required improvements for Production Planning, Quality, Subcontracting was required.

Why SAP and Synobiz

 • Synobiz Systems was selected by the customer due to its strong foundation in successful implementations along with its considerable functional and technical depth in manufacturing.
• SAP Business One was the solution of choice because it served manufacturing requirements very well. The Production process was adapted quickly and customizations were brought in place to support the various functions surrounding it. Production Planning, Quality, and Subcontracting customizations brought a cohesion between various departments.

Benefits reaped Post SAP Business One Implementation

 • GST Submissions have been eased by the accurate posting and reporting in the system.
• Financial challenges such as Import process, Interstate Inventory Transfers, Near Real Time division
• All Purchase Orders go through a visible approval process.
• Third Party Transport Invoices can now be validated by a sales transport reconciliation report
• Manufacturing Process is Seamless and visible.

SAP Business One streamlined the business processes and gained analytical insights. Synobiz Systems is a true and committed business partner.

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