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SAP Business One

A Leading Asphalt Plants Manufacturer plugs in real-time dashboards and automation to accelerate growth with SAP Business One

Challenges Encountered Prior ERP Implementation

 • Inventory, production planning and finance systems were not integrated with each other
• Manual processes made it slow and complex to get accurate product costings
• Lack of control and flexibility in raw material procurement led to over and under stocking

Why SAP and Synobiz

 • SAP Business One offered complete financials along with inventory, supplier, logistics and distribution management, in an integrated platform that was fast to implement, easy to use and within budget
• Customer engaged SAP Partner Synobiz as they are experts in using SAP Business One to streamline manufacturing operations and have dedicated support and R&D resources

Benefits reaped Post SAP Business One Implementation

 • The in-built materials resource planning (MRP) module in SAP Business One has helped the customer optimise and automate inventory, procurement and production planning
• Simple to report on and manage aging inventory and procurement processes
• Easy information transfer and compatibility between SAP Business One and Microsoft Excel has reduced the manual data entry workload
• Flexible and secure access and approval systems enable smoother payments including setting customer credit limits and automatic alerts on significant customer outstandings
• Real-time reporting dashboards and financial reporting provide data-driven insights across the business, empowering management to make fast, informed decisions

We have gained more analytical insights about our weekly and monthly operations post SAP Business One implementation backed by the expert team of Synobiz Systems.

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