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Customer Portal

This portal enables various authorised entities from the customer organisation to have access to relevant data and interact with their respective account information. The data is pulled from the ERP solution and can be accessed on a web browser.

Transparent communication of data is essential for both, the business and their customers. Customer portals help to reconcile the business data of the two, resulting in good customer relations.

The portal allows customers to place new Sales Orders, check the status of the existing Open Orders, their historical data, Statement of Account, the stock available, and product prices. Many a time, these portals are used by dealers of the business. In such a case, the dealer can see their yearly & quarterly targets with their achievements against the targets.

The system makes sure that client can grant access to only see their respective data where they can update their address, shipping & billing information, contact numbers, email-ids and maintain it. Consequently, the business can invest their time and money on more productive tasks.

Vendor Portal

This portal empowers vendors with a 24×7 secure access to the data relevant to them in real-time on any web-based browser on the mobile, tablet, i-phone or laptop.

You can enable them to access their account information, view statements, invoices, and view reports. The Vendors will be able to see their purchase orders, GRPO, AP invoices, inventory supply, overdue shipments, and payment history through documents accessible on a dashboard.

They can fill in their address, shipping & billing information, contact numbers, email-ids and maintain it. All this is configurable; you can determine what fields of information you want to expose to vendors and which ones you want to put in a read-only status.

Vendors can view the Purchase Orders issued to them by the business besides open ones and those that are overdue. They have the facility to select the line against which they are ready to ship goods and send an ASN (Advanced Shipment Note) to the business when they dispatch goods.

You can empower vendors with the ability to have the information they need at the tip of their fingers without involving your personnel hereby saving your money, time, and resources.

Business Benefits

Self-Service Anytime

Customers can simply view and update their user details such as address, shipping & billing information, contact numbers, and email-ids.

Interactive User Design

The portal furnishes a visual web browsing experience across all mobile devices, including Android, iPhone and Windows.

Secure Access

Multiple personnel from the customer organisation have access with unique usernames and passwords. They can view only their own user and transaction information.

Build your Brand Image

The portal gives you marketing opportunities since the front-end is customizable. This allows you to consistently improve your brand image.

Integration with ERP system in real-time

Data is retrieved in real-time from the ERP system. This enables customers to see the latest updated information about Sales Orders, historical data, Statement of Account, available stock and product prices.

Moderate your Expenditure

Since Customers can view and update information themselves, you don’t have to print and mail invoices or spend time on resolving inquiries. This reduces the material and time required.

Improved Communication & Satisfaction

Exchange of accurate and detailed data as and when your customers require it allows transparent communication of data resulting in customer satisfaction.

Multi-Currency Support

It enables customers from various countries to make payments, view reports, balances, invoices with the pricing in their currency.


The customer can generate reports like Sales Order, AR Down Payment Request, AR Invoice, and Service Call Report

Pre-Built Dashboards

The customer can track the status of his order, view old and open invoices and generate his own Statement of account at the click of a button.

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