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Digital Signature Addon for Document and Report Signing

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It is important to ensure proper setup and configuration of the digital signature addon to ensure secure and effective use of digital signatures in documents and reports within the organization.

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  • Purpose

    Streamline the process of using digital signatures in important documents and reports within the organization.

  • Prerequisites

    •Smart Card: Required for authentication and secure access to digital signatures.
    •Password: Needed for authentication purposes.
    •Folder Structure: Required for proper setup and storage of digital signatures.

  • Functionality

    Currently, the digital signature functionality is available for Posted Sales Invoices.
    Double-click on the CD Drive of Digital Signature to install it in the system.

  • User Setup

    •User Setup can be accessed through Departments → Administration → Application Setup → Users → User Setup.

    •Add User: Add users who will be authorized to use the digital signature functionality.

    •Digital Signature User List: Select the authorized users for digital signature usage.

    •Signature Position: Define the position where the signature is required to be printed in documents and reports.

    •DSC Information: Fill up the necessary information related to the Digital Signature Certificate.

    •Signature Path: Proper setup of the Signature Path is required for secure storage of digital signatures.

    •Encrypted Key Information: Enter the necessary encrypted key information for enhanced security.

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