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About E-Commerce Integration

Deploy a fully scalable multi-channel e-Commerce solution that seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One and provides real-time updates into your system.
Synobiz enables you to create a multi-channel e-Commerce and digital ordering platform powered by SAP. Explore new online marketplace opportunities with real-time integration back into your solution with this out-of-the-box integration.
Integration needs between ERP systems and eCommerce platforms have been growing rapidly all the time, and there is a reason for that.
Integration between your ERP system and eCommerce channels makes operating your business more efficient. All the data between integrated systems are always communicated and are up to date.

Business Benefits

Product Information

Full digital product catalogue

Product images and descriptions

Live stock levels

Product categories

Special offers & marketing communications

Customer Information

Customer or group specific pricing

Statements & invoices

Customer order history

Recent products and favourites

Account information like billing details, credit history etc

Placing & Receiving Orders

24/7 live ordering

Quick order function

Easy repeat ordering

Orders ready for picking & dispatch

Orders placed directly into SAP Business One

Business Benefits

Improve Customer Service: A 24/7 online ordering and account access for customers and your sales team across multiple devices

Increased Business Efficiency: Save time and money while eliminating errors by reducing manual order processing

Reduce Complexity: With our E-Commerce solution, you can seamlessly integrate with your central customer orders platform reducing complexities of multiple customer orders and their respective payment tracking.

Reach New Markets: Businesses can accept orders across different digital ordering products and marketplaces in multiple languages, time zones and currencies

Solution Benefits

Benefits of Integration between E-commerce platforms and SAP Business One are clear:

Inventory, pricing, customers, orders are the same in every system.

No need for time-consuming manual data entering.

Fewer mistakes caused by manual data entry

Better customer experience

As demand increases, the need for additional staff is smaller

Lower integration running costs

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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