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Fabricated Boilers


SAP Business One

A Leading Fabricated Boilers Manufacturer improves visibility with SAP Business One

Challenges Encountered Prior ERP Implementation

 • The company’s existing software was having limited ability to track customer feedback, Inventory Tracking, Accounting control and Real time visibility of operations.
• The company lacked abilities for management and overall controllability.

Why SAP and Synobiz

 • SAP Business One is a robust solution which offers full oversight and control of operations, flexibility and Simplicity.
• As an integrated platform it assisted in connecting all departments in one system.
• Synobiz Systems, an SAP partner who are having a team of knowledgeable professionals providing a “phenomenal” implementation and responsive troubleshooting.

Benefits reaped Post SAP Business One Implementation

 • Ability to control the accounting functions.
• Visibility of available stocks and tracking all the stores/ warehouses.
• Saves time, money, energy and manpower which can be focused on higher value activities.

Our potential growth moving forward on a partnership with SAP Business One and Synobiz is only limitless.

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