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A Leading ITes & Software Service Provider automated their internal operations with SAP Business One

Challenges Encountered Prior ERP Implementation

 • The customer was using a disconnected and inefficient legacy system that could not track serial numbers properly, leading to mal warranty services
• Too many systems were running simultaneously which was creating unnecessary confusion and delays
• Inefficient system to allocate Serial No. to products which led to difficulty in post sales services
• Poor customer experience due to lack of escalation matrix

Why SAP and Synobiz

 • SAP Business One offered complete financial & accounting management and CRM in one platform that was fast to implement, easy to use and within budget
• Companies worldwide manage their business with SAP Business One for its enterprise-ready features
• Synobiz had a good record of implementing ERP successfully and also offered a customized solution for the customer

Benefits reaped Post SAP Business One Implementation

 • Escalation Matrix with a defined TAT helped improve customer satisfaction
• Back to back order management was possible digitally, which not only saved time but was also error-free
• Email add-on helped to send auto emails to customers that increased customer touchpoints and built their trust
• Simple yet useful dashboards enabled well-informed decisions

Synobiz is the ideal partner for SAP Business One implementation as they were always available to answer all our queries with their best-in-class solutions. My experience with Synobiz has been phenomenal.

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