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A Leading Lubricants Manufacturer integrate manufacturing, distribution and finance on one digital platform with SAP Business One

Challenges Encountered Prior ERP Implementation

 • The main challenge was tracking and planning inventory across manufacturing plants
• Financial accounting was stand-alone, with no integration with operational business processes
• Lack of systems for inventory management and production planning
• Master data set needed cleansing for up-to-date stock levels and accurate bills of material (BOM)

Why SAP and Synobiz

 • By integrating financials, production, logistics and materials resource planning (MRP) in a single platform, SAP Business One streamlines business and supply-chain management
• SAP Partner Synobiz specialises in using SAP Business One to streamline similar operations, with proven experience since 2014 in manufacturing and MRP

Benefits reaped Post SAP Business One Implementation

 • Synobiz helped with process flow mapping and diagrams to simplify existing processes
• Approvals and validation processes help control production quality and adherence to the BOM
• Automated alerts when production is completed help sales accelerate dispatch and delivery
• Integrated financial statements and centralised master data, including a daily report, provide an accurate snapshot of performance across purchasing, production, invoicing, collection and payments

SAP Business One has enabled us to access real time information - not only for our management and staff, but also for partners and customers. It has improved efficiency in production, supply, distribution and inventory.

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