Pharma Industry

Single scalable ERP system to meet all needs of the Pharmaceutical industry.

Pharma Industry with SAP Business One and Solutions.

The healthcare economy is seeing the pharmaceutical industry as one of the largest sectors and the most emerging one due to its significant advancements in the past few years at a global level.

SAP or Microsoft Solutions are adopted by leading pharmaceutical industries and health care sectors to enhance their productivity of their employees, and to have better response rates to meet demand generated from the market. Functions like Customer Relationship Management, Finance, Manufacturing are all integrated for better outcome and production by the use of SAP or Microsoft Solutions.

Our ERP Solutions covers the following features for Pharmaceutical companies:

Benefits of using SAP Business One and SAP solutions for Pharmaceutical Business:

How does Pharma Industry gain from our ERP Solution:

Pick and Pack, shipping operations, secure packaging are few of advanced functionality.

Improves profitability and reduces costs.

Avoid out of stocks scenario by keeping inventories at best optimum levels.

Traceability that supports Bi-Directonal Productivity

Manufacturing facilities, warehouses in different location will be integrated for better distribution system

Monitoring of business performance will be more efficient

Minimum inventory levels, lot expiring and related items will be intimated by the use of automated alerts

Multiple UOM, Multi Currency and Multi Company will be consolidated to provide a strong backbone focusing on finance

Log capturing of users credentials with advanced data change control and auditing is at your disposal

Auto alters and approval feature with regulatory and management controlling.

Workflow engine with automated business practices.

Why Synobiz?

All you business needs will be catered with Synobiz’s offerings that keeps in the mind the vital challenges that the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry can see in current situation of business practice for example BMR reports, expiration of drugs and compliance with manufacturing practices, quality control, quality assurance management, world class formulation management, business performance monitoring, keeping inventories at optimum levels.

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