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31 March, 2023

By implementing SAP Business One, it solved client's issues with entry duplication, manual reporting, production delays, and much more.

Client is more than 3 decades old company focused on Distribution and Supply of Industrial Automation and Electrical Products and Services, partnering with world renowned quality companies.

More than 5000 Sq. Ft. of office, 4500 Sq. Ft. of centralized warehouse and 3000 Sq. Ft of Panel Shop Floor to assemble configured panels.

The customer has been a pioneer supplier in Industrial Automation in Western India and is today recognised as a market leader

Legacy Solution

• Previously they were using custom developed ERP a tailored product as per their business process.

• They were also using Excel to maintain various MIS reports require by management and department.

Challenges Encountered

• They were facing routing entry level issue with Previous ERP. It was resulting in entry duplication and repeated same task at different level.

• They were facing difficulty in daily production and financial reports. Hence, Reporting was manual and time consuming.

• Production schedule delays and inaccuracies was led to short builds and customer dissatisfaction.

• Inventory tracing was prime challenge it was resulting in high raw material costs.

Project Highlights

• Database contains more than 8,000 items.
• Tightly integrated SPRA (Customer Wise Rate Contract with OEM) module with Dynamics Offer Handling.
• Expense Module integrated as per their service process after sales.
• Barcode Functionality Implemented.
• e-Way bill integrated with SAP Business One.
• Manufacturing implemented with Detailed Planning parameters.
• Customized CRM has been also integrated with SAP Business One.

“e-Way bill plugins helps you to directly generate/cancel e-way bills from SAP directly. No need to go to government portal for re-entering data”

Resolved Challenges

• All the modules are integrated with each other so production routing is link with its respective production order, sales order this will reduce duplicate entries can be restricted
• Apart from standard report available in the system we have also developed custom report as well as power BI dashboard developed to get desired financial, production, sales, inventory and purchase reports.
• Mobile application has been also widely used to enter production data on the go.
• Inventory Management module helps to get location of various type of inventory such as RM, SFG, FG, MRO item can be tracked down from its warehouse to bin level location.

“MRP module  helps you to automate purchase cycle and make you ready with realtime material requirement.”

Inventory Control was a crucial factor for us to select SAP Business One and with Synobiz’s implementation expertise we reaped maximum benefits out of the solution.
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