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31 March, 2023

Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturer Implements SAP Business One for Growth and Compliance

A leading pharmaceutical products manufacturer faced challenges related to global growth, compliance with industry validation requirements, and the need for technology to remain competitive.

Legacy Solution

Previously they were using legacy system.

Benefits Gained

Better Supports Company’s Business Model
    • “They’ve gained a solution that supports their model – to grow the business by leveraging technology to the fullest in order to maintain a small footprint at the head office”

Increased Operational Efficiencies through Automation and Integration
    • “Key business processes have been either fully or partially automated, covering purchase invoice procurement and processing, sales order processing, and a range of other enhancements including an interface into the global banking platform at the company’s bank that enables efficient payments locally and internationally”
Business Intelligence Drives Growth
   • “It’s been supporting, scaling and growing with their business for the past few years and as they continue to grow. The Management has confidence that the solution can, and will, continue to deliver the same.”

Challenges Encountered

• Required a Solution that would grow with their global business.

• Desire to leverage technology to remain competitive and innovative

• Compliance with stringent Pharmaceutical Industry Validation Requirements

Project Highlights

• Transfer GST Customization

• QC Process

• Sales Offer details in CRM Module

• Equipment Activity

• Internal & Incident Memo

Resolved Challenges

• While using SAP Business One, we suggested them to put further control on their pharma based typical production and quality process with inclusion of Advanced BMR management and with typical quality and equipment reports.
• Thus, it measures actual WIP at the month end and reduce the same from consumption and added in stock for the next month consumption.

Data Visualization Tool

• List Content Master
• Commission Master List
• Transfer Register
• Check List before GRN
• K_Outward Checklist
• K_Outward Register1
• K_Inward Register1
• Customer – Balance to Date
• Vendor – Balance to Date
• Batch Consumption Report
• Stock Summary Batchwise_EKL_KHL
• Yield Statement Report
• Payment Performance -Customers
• Summary of Commission Working


We suggested to keep solution updated with the latest version updates of SAP Business One so that it helps keep pace in a changing marketplace which includes exceptional opportunity to add value to solution and help business grow.

We have gained more insights about the plant and machine usage, calibration against the present production load and have streamlined our Inventory and Production processes.
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