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Agriculture & Horticulture

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Agriculture and Horticulture modernized with our ERP Solution

For many years horticulture and agriculture are the backbone of any economy of a country. The same industry is not limited to crops or food production but it now also includes dairy farms, fruit cultivation, forestry, beekeeping and poultry. Agriculture and horticulture industry needs lots of tools and techniques for making an impact with farming. Crop quality can be maintained with appropriate soil conditions, management with efficiency of fertilizers, manures, promotion and crop processing are few of the main pain areas of the agriculture industry nowadays. Our ERP Solution will integrate the system that allows better control of your business operations for a farming unit.

Our ERP Solution covers the following business functions for Agriculture Industry:

Impact of our ERP Solution on Agriculture and Horticulture Industry:

Benefits of our ERP Solution for Agriculture and Horticulture

3rd party systems and software can be integrated with ease for flexible support

Enhanced business operations will be possible with transparent information management system

Visibility of materials will be supported with growth in sustainability and profitability

Visibility of materials will be supported with growth in sustainability and profitability

Planning and analysis will be in real time

Agricultural products will be assures safety and quality by use of our ERP Solution

Accounting system will be multi – dimensions in usage and effectiveness

Why Synobiz?

Our ERP solution will enhance all your business operations and needs as offered by Synobiz which will address all your agriculture business needs and pain area. In the agriculture and horticulture industry pain areas like project planning and budgeting, quality assurance, fertilizers management, manures management, pest control techniques, soil conditions will be well managed by our ERP solution.

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