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About Production Enhancement

In Any Manufacturing Industry, numbers of machines & processes involves & it is very necessary to control each process wise production and machine efficiency. This solution is mainly divided in three sections :

Routing & WIP

Shop Floor Data Collection

Subcontractor Portal

Routing & WIP

The Routing and Work-in-progress module records the status of the production processes and keeps track of quantity completed and rejected; WIP and finished goods costs; as well as resource utilization.

Overview of Features

Shop Floor Data Collection

The Shop Floor Data Collection module automates the collection of Work-in-progress data from the production shop floor. The screens are designed with user-friendly interface, large fonts and with minimal key strokes.

Overview of Features

Subcontractor Portal

This Portal empowers subcontractors with access to relevant up-to-the-minute data on any web-based browser on the mobile, tablet, iphone, or laptop.

You can enable them to access their account information, view Subcontracting Purchase order for the process/service, Returnable Delivery Challan, customizable reports like Delivery Challan Report, and Return Status Reports.

The system makes sure that the subcontractor can only see their own data in ERP, making it a secure self-service portal. They can fill in their address, shipping & billing information, contact numbers, email-ids and update it. Plus, it’s all configurable; you can decide what fields of information you want to expose to subcontractors and which ones you want to put in a read-only status.
The Sub-contractors can see the Delivery Challans received from the business for processing work, select the line from the Delivery Challan, and generate the Return when they are ready to ship the goods after processing, to the business.

You can easily strengthen vendor relationships by extending data to them in real-time, while you save time, money, and effort.

ASP tracks the performance of the company by measuring actuals versus budgets by generating a report that compares for each Geography by each Product Category.

Integration Benefits

Interactive User Design

The portal furnishes a visual web browsing experience across all mobile devices, including Android, iPhone and Windows.

Pre-built Dashboards

The Sub-contractor Portal provides dashboard access where the Sub-contractors can see Delivery Challan, and Returnable Challan under open, closed, and cancelled documents.

Customizable Reports

The Portal has Delivery Challan Reports and Return Status Reports. The former shows item-wise delivery challan details while the latter shows item-wise return document details. Both of these types of reports are customizable.

Returnable Challan Entry

The subcontractor can see his open Delivery Challans and view details like Delivery Challan No., Delivery Challan Date, Output Item to be produced, Production Order No., Issue for Production No., and Start & End Serial No.

Real-Time Integration

Subcontractors see real-time data pulled from the ERP system. This enables them to see the latest information on Subcontracting purchase orders, Returnable Delivery Challans, and more.

Self- Service Anytime

Subcontractors can simply view and update their user details such as address, shipping & billing information, contact numbers, and email-ids.

Business Benefits

Manpower Planning

This add-on helps in planning for man power on a daily basis on every machine making the work of the manager easier

Machine Management

Helps in management and downtime of all the machines ruling out any breakage or downtime resulting in better functioning

Real Time Insight

Provides real- time Insights between the planned production and actual production making the whole manufacturing process come alive

Machine Planning

Gives all the detailed Information about costs of every machine so it enables the labourers to keep the track of the data and act accordingly

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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